The Family of Mary Polly Crank


"The flower it blows, it fades, it fa's,
And art can ne'er renew it;
But worth and truth eternal youth
Will give to Polly Stewart!
May he whase arms shall fauld thy carms
Possess a leal and true heart !
To him be given to ken the Heaven
He grasps in Polly Stewart!"


by Robert Burns, 1796



The Cranks

            Mary Polly Crank, born in 1804, was the daughter of James and Ellender Taylor Crank. Footnote James Crank was born in 1779 and died July 2, 1862, in Knox County at the age of eighty-three. Footnote The Cranks are buried at the Turkey Creek Cemetery in Knox County, Kentucky. Mary Polly had eleven siblings. They were: (1) David Crockett Crank (1801-1832); (2) Garrett Crank (1802-1832); (3) John Crank; (4) Samuel B. Crank (1808-1864); (5) Cornelius Crank (1810); (6) Preston Crank (1813-1885)(buried in the Gee Cemetery, Grayson, Kentucky); (7) Amanda Crank Stewart (1816); (8) Martha Patsy Crank Combs (1817); (9) Elizabeth Crank Dickerson ( August 1, 1818); (10) William Crank (1818) and, (11) Ellen Crank Fortney (1819-1878); Source: From Log Cabins to the White House - A History of the Taylor Family by Mary Taylor Brewer. Brewer attributed this information to Raymond D. Crank, a descendant of David Crockett Crank. David and Garrett were born in Virginia and the other children were born in Kentucky. After his death, his son Cornelius sued James’ other children over the estate. See Knox County Circuit Court, Order Book L, page 280 (1871). Mary Polly's brother, Preston Crank, moved to Carter County. He had married Minerva Cordelia Wilburn. Many of Preston's descendants live there.

            James Crank was the son of John H. Crank Sr. Footnote who had been born around 1731 in Pennsylvania and died in 1803 in Russell County, Virginia. John Crank fought in the Revolutionary War and received several hundred acres in Washington and Russell Counties for his services. Most of this land was on the Copper Creek and Holstein River. He had also fought in the French and Indian War in 1758. His last will and testament recognized his same James and his seven siblings:


Russell County, Virginia
Chancery Order Book A-1, Pages 63 - 64
Executed 27 Apr 1803

In the name of God amen. I John Crank being very sick and weak, but of a sound mind and disposing memory, do hereby make my last will and testament in the manner and form following, that is to say; My will and desire is that my beloved wife Elizabeth shall have all my estate both real and personal during her life, after paying all my just debts and funeral expenses, and also to maintain and school my two youngest sons, to wit: Abraham and Robert. At my wifes decease I will and bequeath the land I now live on, together with a small tract of fifteen acres which takes in the sugar camp bottom to my three youngest sons namely, William, Abraham and Robert to be by them freely to possess and enjoy, their heirs and assigns forever, to be equally divided among them agreeable to quantity and quality, and that the said William, Abraham and Robert shall pay my five oldest children, to wit - John, James, Dorothy Kelley, Elizabeth Bundy and Polly fifteen pounds each as they the said William, Abraham and Robert shall severally come of age, futher at my wifes decease all the stock of whatever kind then remaining on hand shall be equally divided amongst my eight above mentioned children, last do hereby appoint and constitute my beloved wife and son William executrix and executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other former wills or testaments heretofore made by me. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 4th day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and three.

John X Crank (Seal)

Signed sealed and acknowledged to be his last will & testament in presence of, Henry Dickenson, Nathan Ellington.
At a court of quarterly session continued and hel for Russell County the 27th day of April 1803, This instrument of writing was exhibited in court as and for the last will and testament of John Crank deceased and proven by the oaths of Henry Dickenson & Nathan Ellington witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded. And at a court held for said county the 24th day of May 1803 - On the motion of Elizabeth Crank and William Crank executrix and executor named in the last will and testament of John Crank dec'd, who made oath according to law, and together with Nathan Ellington and Zachariah Fugate their securities, entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of $1000 conditioned as the law directs, certificate is granted them for obtaining letters testamentary in due form.

Teste, Nathan Ellington D.C.

A Copy Teste, James P. Carrell D.C.

            John Crank married around 1775 Footnote and had five known children. They were: Christine (1775); Dorothy (1776); Mary (1777); James (1779); and Elizabeth (April 9, 1782). “On August 15, 1815, John Hall, James Crank & Thomas Bundy sell [sic] to Lewis Dickerson on Copper Creek of Clinch River containing land of John Crank, decd. left to James, Thomas Bundy, who married Elizabeth Crank, and John Hall who married Mary.” See 1815 Russell County Virginia Deeds. Footnote

The Taylors - Mary Polly Crank's Maternal Family

            Ellender was the daughter of David and Mary Blevins Taylor. David Taylor was the third son of Eleanor Smith Footnote and James Taylor. James Taylor was born in 1710 in Orange County, Virginia and died in 1805 in Patrick County, Virginia. Footnote The children of James Taylor and Eleanor Smith were:


                      Zachariah Taylor. Family legend is that he died when a tree fell on him. He married a woman whose last name was Boyd. They had settled in the Whitley County, Kentucky area by 1791. Their son, Isaac Taylor, is found in the Whitley County census for 1830-70. Isaac Taylor is buried in the Locust Grove Cemetery in Laurel County, Kentucky.


                      James Taylor II was born in 1731 in Orange County, Virginia and died in 1815 in Grainger County, Tennessee. He married Nancy Ann Owens, in 1755. James Taylor was a Revolutionary War veteran.


                      Ellandor Taylor was born in 1736. She married John Adams.


                      Verlinda Taylor was born in 1742. She died in Henry County, Virginia. She married Malachi Cummins in 1761.


                      David Taylor was born in 1746. He died in Montgomery County, Virginia. He married Mary M. Blevins, the daughter of William Blevins. David and Mary Blevins Taylor had three known children. They are:


                                  Elizabeth Taylor. She married a man named McCarrol.


                                  Martha "Patsy” Taylor was born in 1768 in Hare Forest Esta, Orange County, Virginia. She died on July 30, 1856 in Straight Creek, which is now part of Bell County but was then a part of Knox County, Kentucky. She married Robert DePriest on May 24, 1788. She applied for a widow’s pension on November 10, 1853 because her husband fought in the Revolutionary War and she received it. He served as a drum major with Washington's Army when Cornwallis surrendered. She and her husband are buried in the Woolum Cemetery in Bell County, Virginia. (Source: Joyce Taylor Collins)


                                  Ellandor Taylor was born in 1782 and died on February 3, 1863. She married James Crank. She is the mother of Mary Polly Crank Stewart.


                      Mildred Taylor was born in 1748. She married Bartemus Reynolds.


                      Grizelda Taylor was born in 1750. She died in September 15, 1846 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. She married John Collier in 1772 in Belle Haven, Culpepper County, Virginia. She and her husband are buried in the McClary Cemetery in Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky.


                      Mary Taylor was born in 1761. She married Thomas Lockhart on June 5, 1782 in Henry County, Virginia.

            James Taylor was the son of Sarah Brooking and Edmund Taylor. Edmund was the son of Mary Gregory and James Taylor I. President Zachary Taylor was descended from James Taylor I and his first wife, Francis Walker. Sarah Knox “Dimple” Taylor, Ellandor's cousin and the daughter of President Zachary and Mary Taylor married Jefferson Davis. See History and Families, Knott County, Kentucky at 383 (1995). Another cousin, Frances Taylor, married Ambrose Madison, and was the grandmother of President James Madison.






12th President Zachary Taylor is the 2nd Cousin of 4th President James Madison Jr.

                                Common Ancestor

                               * James Taylor Jr.
                                * Martha Thompson
                             (About 1679-About 1762)
                               Married 23 February 1699
                 |                                          |
                 |                                          |
         * Zachary Taylor                             Ambrose Madison
         (1707-Before 1768)                             (1700-1749)
           Elizabeth Lee                             * Frances Taylor
                                                    Married 24 Aug 1721
                 |                                          |
                 |                                          |
         * Richard Taylor                             * James Madison
            (1744-1829)                                 (1723-1801)
       Sarah Dabney Strother                        Eleanor Rose Conway
            (1760-1822)                                 (1731-1829)
        Married 20 Aug 1779                         Married 15 September 1749
                 |                                          |
                 |                                          |
  * 12th President Zachary Taylor            * 4th President James Madison Jr.
            (1784-1850)                                 (1751-1836)



Family of Mary Polly Crank

Father: James CRANK
Born: 1779 in Orange County, Virginia Married: 1800 : Died: 1862 in Knox County, Kentucky Father:Samuel CRANK Mother:
Mother: Eleanor TAYLOR
Born: 1782 in Orange County, Virginia Died: 3 February 1863 in Knox County, Kentucky Father:David TAYLOR Mother:Mary M. BLEVINS
Name: David Crockett CRANK Born: 1801 in Knox County, Kentucky Married: Died: 1832 in Knox County, Kentucky Spouses: Deborah ROSE CHILDREN Name: James Rose CRANK
Born: 1825
Married: 3 January 1852 at Heiskell, Tennessee
Died: 1890
Spouses: Frances Dorthula MCPHERSON

Name: Garrett CRANK Born: 1802 in Knox County, Kentucky Married: Died: 1832 in South Carolina Spouses:
Name: John CRANK Born: 1804 Married: Died: 1870 in Clay Township, Morgan County,Indiana Spouses: MARY Mason was born in 1803 in Tennessee
Marriage: About 1819
James Crank was born in 1820
Emillia Crank was born in 1821
Felix Crank was born in 1824
Jane Crank was born in 1829
Ephriam Crank was born in 1830
Susannah Crank was born in 1834
William Sylvester Crank was born on 25 March 1836
Mille Crank was born in 1840
Cornelia Crank was born in 1841
Eleanor Crank was born in 1842
Mary Crank was born on 5 June 1843
John Polk Crank was born in 12 May 1845
Lucinda Crank was born in 1854

Name: Mary Polly Crank Born: 1804 in Knox County, Kentucky Married: 4 AUG 1824 in Knox County, Kentucky Died: 1882 in Rowan County, Kentucky Spouses: William STEWART
Name: Samuel CRANK Born: 1808 in Knox County, Kentucky Married: Died: Spouses: Elizabeh The 1850 Census of Pope County Illinois, enumerated September 26, 1850, reveals:
Samuel D. Crank, age 42, a farmer born in Kentucky.
Elizabeth Crank, age 40, born in Indiana.
Eli Crank, male, age 20, born in Tennessee
Calvin Crank, male, age 19, born in Kentucky
James Crank, male, age 34, born in Kentucky
Mary Crank, female, age 36, born in Kentucky
John Crank, male, age 11, born in Illinois
Daniel Crank, male, age 40, born in Illinois
Cornelius Crank, male, age 42, born in Illinois
William Crank, male, age 44, born in Illinois
Elinder Crank, female, age 4, born in Illinois
unnamed Crank, female, age 1, born in Illinois

Name: Cornelius CRANK Born: 1810 in Knox County, Kentucky Married: 1828 in Knox County, Kentucky Died: : Spouses: Phoebe LAWS
Name: Preston CRANK Born: 1813 in Knox County, Kentucky Married: 16 MAY 1838 in Knox County, Kentucky Died: After 1885 in Carter County, Kentucky Spouses: Minerva Catilea WILBORN George Washington Crank
Birth: 18 November 1839 in Lawrence County, Kentucky
Death: 1910 in Buchanan, Kentucky, Carter County
Father: Preston Crank
Mother: Minerva Ann Cordelia Wilburn was born in 1817 in Virginia
Burial: Bayless Cemetery, Cabell County, West Virginia
Occupation: Chair Maker Harriet Ann Colegrove (Wife) was born on 4 July 1840 in Lawrence County, Kentucky
Marriage: 27 August 1862 in Carter County,Kentucky
George Washington Crank II was born on February of 1865 in East Fork, Boyd County, Kentucky Ardelia Ann Crank was born on February of 1879 in Lawrence County, Kentucky

Name: Ellen CRANK Born: 1816 in Knox County, Kentucky Married: 2 February 1837 in Knox County, Kentucky Died: 1878 Spouses: Christopher Columbus FORTNEY
Name: Amanda CRANK Born: 1816 in Knox County, Kentucky Married: 17 September 1838 in Lawrence County, Kentucky Died: Spouses: James STEWART
Name: Martha Patsy CRANK Born: 1817 in Knox County, Kentucky Married: 11 April 1836 in Perry County, Kentucky Died: Spouses: Jackson COMBS 1850 Perry County Census 204 Jackson COMBS 34 Male Surveyor
Martha (CRANK) 33 Female
Polly 14 Female
Lesley 12 Male
Elijah 10 Male
Sally 9 Female
James 8 Male
Jackson 7 Male
John 5 Male
Cassius 2 Male

Name: Elizabeth CRANK Born: About 1818 in Knox County, Kentucky Married: 30 January 1838 in Knox County, Kentucky Died: 1880 in Cobb Hill, Estill County, Kentucky Spouses: Dupel DICKINSON Charles P. BRYANT John H. BARRETT
Name: William CRANK Born: 1 August 1818 at Knox County, Kentucky Married: Died: 27 November 1855 Spouses: Rebecca Ann BARNHART



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