Rural Rowan County School in the early 1940's

Most students were required to use muddy roads to school which were sometimes "improved" by laying on creek gravel or for the truly fortunate, limestone rock.
Rural School outside Morehead.
In a posed camera shot, students pretend to do lessons. The bare footed boy on the left, however, has his reading book upside down. The rooms were not painted and used a pot bellied stove for heat. To the left of the rear door is the "water fountain," a bucket with tin cups.
A reading group around a hand built table. The boys are barefooted so it must be spring time.
These students were undoubtedly told of the impending visit by the photographer as they are in their Sunday best.
The reading books are bundled up on the desks and were only passed out during the actual reading class. Books were expensive and were not easily available to all.

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