Clearfield from 25,000 Feet

Identified points: (1) Mill Branch valley; (2) Clearfield Hill; (3) Clearfield School; (4) Dry Creek; (5) Pretty Valley Subdivision; (6) Stewart Cemetery.

The character of the village of Clearfield has been forever altered in the last few years. In that short time, several hundred "mobile homes" have been densely packed into a small geographic area without any control by the county government. The pink area on the photo below is an existing mobile home "park." The green areas are newly developed mobile home "parks." I often wondered why they are called "mobile home parks"? There are no trees or other amenities one associates with a park and certainly the homes are not mobile.

Hundreds of new residents now live in the area. Yet no assessment was done by the county on the impact of these dramatic changes to the environment or to the taxpayers who had lived here for decades. There are no traffic lights in this now highly congested area, no sidewalks for children or other residents to walk on. Now after the fact that greed has taken its toll, so called-county leaders ring their hands and call for the need of zoning.


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