Morehead Normal School

Early Views

A normal school is a institution for training teachers. According to the Oxford English Dictionary normal schools in the United States and Canada trained primary school teachers. while in Europe, normal schools educated primary, secondary and tertiary-level teachers. The term is now archaic, and in the United States the purpose of normal schools has been taken up by undergraduate and graduate Schools of Education. In Canada, such institutes are usually parts of universities as the Faculty of Education offering a one-year Bachelor of Education program. It requires at least three (usually four) years of prior undergraduate studies. The term originated in the early nineteenth century from the French école normale, because the first such schools were models.

Lottie Stewart, marked in red, daughter of Allie Bishop and James Stewart, grandaughter of the Rev. James and Cynthia Patton Stewart, was a member of the first faculty of the Morehead Normal School.

First graduating class, Morehead Normal School, 1902


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