Photograph of the Family of Vicey Thacker, common law wife of Jasper Byrd Stewart

This photo, was about 1915 by the Rev. Fisher, shows the home of Vicey Thacker.

Back row left to right: Malean Thacker (born 1868), wife of John P. Slone; Loy Maggard; Elizabeth (Thacker) Maggard (born 1867); Loy's mother and granddaughter of Vicey; Ike Thacker; Allie (Maggard) Baldridge; Ida Slone, the daughter of Joe.

Two women sitting are Cumine Terry Thacker, wife of Isaac Thacker (born 1878) and Mary PollyThacker (born 1854), the wife of Wlburn Pratt.

Little children sitting on the of porch next to Cumine are Vidie Slone, the daughter of Malean and John P. Slone, and Gertrude Maggard, the daughter of Loy and Helen (Haywood) Maggard.

Sitting in the front row are Helen (Haywood) Maggard; Helen's baby brother, son of Roseanne; Alma Baldridge; Oarker Maggard; Mattie Slone, the daughter of Malean and John P. Slone.

Standing in front are Vicey Thacker (June 10, 1835- August 24, 1921). and Rosanne Haywood.

Sitting by Rosanne is Mrs. Fisher and her two children William and Elaine Back

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