White Highways (1937)

I have gone out to the roads that go up and down
In smooth white lines, stoneless and hard;
I have seen distances shortened between two points,
The hills pushed back and bridges thrust across
The shallow river's span.

To the broad highways, and back again I have come
To the creekbed roads and narrow winding trails
Worn into ruts by hoofs and steady feet;
I have come back to the long way around,
The far between, the slow arrival.
Here is my pleasure most where I have lived
And called my home.

O do not wander far
From the rooftree and the hill-gathered earth;
Go not upon these wayfares measured with a line
Drawn hard and white from birth to death.
O quiet and slow is peace, and curved with space
Brought back again to this warm homing place.

By Jame Still

Photographs of Clearfield

A recent photograph of Clearfield taken from the Caudill Cemetery looking toward the Lee Clay Company in the Fall. The painting below depicts the old Lee Clay Products Company as it would have looked in the 1940's. The upper right shows the factory. The large building in the center was the company store and post office. The little white houses were "company" houses where employees lived. One can see the ball field where employees met to play ball. The creek at the bottom is Dry Creek.

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