Spring in Kentucky Hills (1934)

Spring in Kentucky hills will soon awaken;
The sap will run every vein of tree.
Green will come to the land bleak and forsaken;
Warm silver wind will catch the honey bee.
Blood-root will whiten on the barren hill;
Wind-flowers will grow beneath the oaks and nod
To silver April wind against their will.
Bitterns will break the silence of the hills
And meadow's grass sup dew under the moons,
Pastures will green and bring back whippoorwills
And butterflies that break from stout cocoons.
Spring in Kentucky hills and I shall be
A free-soil man to talk beneath the trees
And listen to the wind among the leaves
And count the stars and do as I damn please.

By Jesse Stuart

Photographs of Cora Wilson Stewart

Mountain Life

Early traffic jam on a creek bed road in Rowan County. Creek beds were often used as "roads" since they were relatively flat. Bottom picture is of a "double wide" log cabin, early successor to its namesack which now describes "mobile homes."

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