A Baptism in Triplett Creek

The Primative Baptist Church is located on U.S. 60 just west of Morehead on a hill overlooking the village of Clearfield. Many Stewarts attended this church in the early days and are buried in the Caudill cemetery. For information on the Primative Baptist Church, click here. Most prominent of whom is State Senator James Stewart and his family. Abel Caudill, the patriarch of the famous Caudill family of Morehead, then lived in a farm house in Clearfield with his large familly. They were members of the church and are buried in the cemetery which bears their family name. Abel’s most famous descendant, Claire Louise Caudill or better known as Dr. Louise is buried there. For a list of those buried in the cemetery, click here.

The very large family of Abel and Mary Ann Caudill in front of their house in Clearfield.

During the later part of the depression, The U.S. Farm Security Administration hired many professional photographers to visit various part of the county and record every day life there. One such photographer was Marion Post Wolcott. For more informaton on Ms. Wolcott, click here.

On a hot summer Sunday, she visited the little church and captured a baptism at the nearby Triplett Creek. After church, the members in their Sunday best, cross U.S. 60 heading toward Triplett Creek. The women are shaded by bonnets and the men wear hats. One wise member has brought a parasol. As the congregation crosses the road, you can see the smoke rising from the Lee Clay Products Company.

To Learn More About the Primative Baptist Church, Click Here.

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