Lottie Jane Stewart was born on August 7, 1899 and died on June 20, 1951. She married Morton Corde May, a sheriff of Rowan County. Morton was originally from Morgan County and was the son of William Jefferson May and Sarah Lacy. She and her husband operated the Mountain View Tourist Camp in Farmers, Kentucky. She was an educator and


Couple stand in front of the Mountain View Tourist Camp.


attended Berea College and Morehead State. She was one of the first graduates of the Morehead Normal School in 1914. She also served on the faculty of the Normal School. In a June 1934 edition of the Morehead Independent Newspaper, it was stated that “[c]oming to the Sheriff’s office we found the only democratic official in the court house, Sheriff Mort May and a genial gentleman and official we found him to be. Sheriff May was born in Morgan County in 1891 and married W. Lottie Stewart who is now serving as office deputy for her husband. Besides being the only

Morehead Normal School Faculty - Lottie Jane Stewart, Second from far left on the back row. Circa 1920

democratic official, Sheriff May enjoys another distinction as county officials go, by being the only ex-service may with a foreign record to have been elected to office in Rowan county. The Sheriff’s war record is something to be proud of. He enlisted in Chicago and served three years with the 15th Calvary, seeing action on the Mexican border and then joined the American Air Forces and saw 18 months service in France. He was assigned to the French air corps and ranked a First Sergeant.”


They had one child:


Myrtle Viola May (Snookie) was born on May 10, 1924 in Chicago, Illinois and died on October 8, 2004. She was an educator in Rowan County. She married Morgan Thomas Stewart III (born on April 20, 1929 in Shelby, Ohio, and died on December 11, 1991). They had one child:


            Carolyn Ann Stewart was born on April 27, 1953 in Lexington, Kentucky. Carol Ann, a graduate of Ohio State University, lives in Shelby, Ohio.





Morgan Thomas Stewart, III, husband of Snookie May





Snookie Stewart, with her Uncle Arthur Stewart, and cousin, Georgia Crager.



Snookie Stewart with her standing on left with her students, third graders at Farmers Elementary, Farmers, Kentucky. 1951



Front: Cora Messer, Mort May, husband of Lottie Stewart; Back: Wiley May, Mort's brother, Flora May Messer Stewart.



Myrtle Viola Stewart


Myrtle Viola (May) Stewart, of 51 East Smiley Avenue, Shelby, died Friday Morning, October 8, 2004 at the Crestwood Care Center. Myrtle was the daughter of the late Morton and Lottie (Stewart) May and was born in Chicago, Illinois. She spent the early part of her life in Kentucky where she attended elementary and High School in Rowan County and later attended Morehead State College. She taught in the Rowan County School System before marrying Morgan T. Stewart III and moving to Shelby, Ohio. She worked many years in all phases of ceramics. She and her husband were interested in preserving the streams and forests of our country and did much to preserve the bird population in our state. She was an avid gardener and loved roses and other plants.



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