Mary Stewart Smith

            Mary, born in 1846, married Elmer Branham “Dock” Smith (April 7, 1842- before 1900). They had four children. She remained in Letcher County with her family. Elmer was the son of William "Billy" Branham Smith and Elizabeth Childers Smith. They lived on Branham's Creek in Letcher County but later moved to Rowan County.


They had the following children:


Andrew Branham Smith was born in 1865.


Lucinda Branham Smith was born 1867. Lucinda married Marion Slone.

Martha Branham Smith was born 1872. Martha married John P. Slone.

Louanna Branham Smith was born March 26, 1870. Louanna married Jeptha Amburgey (1866-1941) on September 6, 1888. They are buried in theSmith-Breeding Cemetery, also known as the "Steer Fork Cemetery" in Knott County, Kentucky.

John Branham Smith was born 1879.


Elmer also married (2) Mary SPARKMAN.

They had the following children:


Elizabeth Smith was born October 1880.

Monroe Smith was born April 1882.

Margaret Smith was born December 1883.

Cordelia Smith was born January 1889.

Elmer Smith was born July 1891.

Nancy May Smith was born May 1899.


Here is a story about Elmer's parents:


"When my great-great grandmother Smith and her husband Billy Branham Smith moved into their new cabin which he had built in the Eastern hills of Kentucky, the door had not yet been installed. As a new bride, she had woven a coverlet to take to her new home and had hung it over the opening as a temporary door. Late on the same day they had moved their few possessions into their new cabin, my grandmother went to a nearby spring for water. While bending over for the water, she heard a loud hissing sound. Looking up where the water was running over the rocks, she saw a big cat. Dropping the bucket, she ran as fast as she could for the cabin door. Just as she entered the door with the coverlet hanging over it, the panther hit the coverlet, hissing and clawing at it. Suddenly, the cat gave a loud scream and left; otherwise I might not be here to write this today."


By Edna Hines Osborne


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