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Rowan County Historic Markers

Morgan Raiders' Camp
Location: 1 mi. E. of Licking River, Farmers, US 60

Description: On last tragic raid, the fourth into Kentucky, Morgan's Raiders took Mt. Sterling, then lost it, took Lexington and June 11, 1864 took Cynthiana. Next day USA men under Brig. General S. G. Burbridge dispersed raiders. Morgan then retreated through Flemingsburg and camped here June 12. He and his men returned to Virginia, but never recovered from this reverse.

County Named, 1856
Location: Morehead, Courthouse lawn, US 60

Description: For Judge John Rowan, 1773-1843. Born Penn., came in 1783 to Ky. Admitted to bar, 1795. Member second Ky. Const. Convention in 1799. Secretary of State, 1804-1806. State Legislature, 10 years. Court of Appeals, 1819-1821. U.S. Senate from 1824 to 1830. First President of Ky. Historical Society, 1838-1843. Buried at his home, Federal Hill, "My Old Kentucky Home," Bardstown.

Courthouse Burned
Location: Morehead, Courthouse lawn, US 60

Description: Twenty-two Kentucky courthouses were burned during Civil War, nineteen in last fifteen months: twelve by Confederates, eight by guerrillas, two by Union accident. Courthouse at Morehead burned by guerrillas March 21, 1864, the easternmost damaged incident to war. Building was again burned in 1880. County records before 1880 all destroyed by fires.

Moonlight Schools
Location: Morehead, Wilkinson Blvd., US 60

Description: Established in Rowan County, Ky., in 1911, by Mrs. Cora W. Stewart, "to emancipate from illiteracy those enslaved in its bondage." Because the people had to labor by day it was decided to have the schools on moonlight nights so the moon could light the way. The schools were taught by volunteer teachers. Movement soon spread nationally and internationally.

Rowan County "War," 1884-1887
Location: Morehead, former C&O Passenger Depot, East First St.

Description: Political tensions led to this three-year period of violence which resulted in some twenty deaths. Conflict between John Martin and Floyd Tolliver caused Tolliver's death. His brother Craig opposed Martin ally D.B. Logan and killed two of Logan's cousins. Tolliver group then seized virtual control of the county. See over. Presented by Rowan County Fiscal Court.

(Reverse) Rowan County "War," 1884-1887 - Feud violence came to climax in summer of 1887, when Logan and Hiram Pigman led faction that surrounded Craig Tolliver and his men. Resulting shoot-out ended in deaths of Tolliver and three others. State militia was sent in three times to restore order, and a state report suggested that Rowan Co. be abolished. Over. Presented by Rowan County Fiscal Court.

National Register Historic District
Location: Morehead, University Boulevard

Description: Nine buildings erected from 1926-32 fitting in a "crescent moon" plan. Rader, Fields, Alllie Young Halls, 1926; Thompson Hall, 1927; Button Auditorium, 1928; President's Home, 1929; Breckinridge Training School and Camden Library, 1931; Senff Natatorium, 1932. Landscape plan: Olmstead Bros.; Collegiate Gothic design: Joseph & Joseph Architects.

(Reverse) Morehead State University - Morehead Christian School founded in 1887 for United Christian Missionary Society of St. Louis by Mrs. Phebe Button and her son Dr. F. C. Button. Became easternmost State Normal School in 1922; changed to Morehead State Teachers College in 1930; and named Morehead State University in 1966. Presented by MSU Foundation.