Determining Your Relationship

Start with the common ancestor. Let's say that the "common ancestor" is your great, great grandfather (or mother). You would therefore be a "2nd Great Grandson." See first column, row five. If you wanted to determine your relationship to another great, great grandson, go across the fifth row until you get to the column labeled at the top, "2nd Great Grandson." You would then determine that two great, great grandchildren of the same "common ancestor" are "third cousins."

For example, Sir. Winston Churchill and I share a common ancestor, the Fifth Earl of Galloway. Sir Winston, is the 6th Great Grandson of the Fifth Earl of Galloway and I am the 4th Great Grandson of the Fifth Earl. Going on accross the top row, left to right to the column named 6th Great Grandson, one goes down the column until you reach the row corresponding to the 4th Great Grandson. One discovers that Sir. Winston and I are fifth cousins, once removed.


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