Mail from Stewart "Cousins"


I recently learned about your web site from my uncle - Earl Martt. I'm a granddaughter of Stella Ann Stewart and Stanley Martt. My mother was Bertha Martt Miller. It's been fun to let my daughter, son, brothers, sister, nieces and nephews know of the web site and to point out that in some cases they can trace back 9 generations!

I recently got to the information concerning the poet and writer Albert Stewart. I called the Appalachian Center at Berea College and obtained two
slim books of his poetry. Another of his books is available via Amazon.

Thanks for all your time, energy, and expense putting this web site together. I've enjoyed it immensely.

Stella Alice Miller Wood

Hi Mr. Stewart: I have been enjoying reviewing your family site and in particular the pictures of Morehead State Teachers College. My grandmothers grandfather was Stephen Bishop, born in Cranbrook, England about 1830. At the age of 18 he settled in Morehead, KY. His daughter, Hattie married Rev. Frank C. Button who traveled from Springfield, IL to Morehead, KY. Both he and his mother were Christian Desciple ministers. Finding no church, no school and a feuding valley, they started the Morehead Day Normal School in their home. Poor, but bright students were sought throughout KY. In return for an education they worked at the college. As founder and first president, Frank Button disliked the politics of the job and resigned after one term. One student, William David Martin from Knox County, KY married my grandmothers mother, Nellie (Franklin) Bishop (daughter of Stephen Bishop's second marriage) who was also a student. Frank Button performed the marriage on 1 June 1896. Nellie died when my grandmother was 8 years old and was raised in Morehead by her grandparents Stephen and Emma Bishop.
Larry Balok
Bradenton, FL

Good morning - I ran across your website when looking into my husband's family for our family tree - they had a son named Willie "Reck" Markwell who married Stella Ellen Royse who then had Cecil Markwell who then married Mary Shell who then had Emma Markwell who then married Robert Liles who had my husband Marcus Liles. So I hope that you can add some information to your website.



I was taking a break from work this evening playing Da Vinci Code quest on google and while searching for some information I decided to
search for the name Alexander Stewart and was very surprised to find your domain and web site. When I was in the Army I spent some of my free time researching our genealogy but have not done so in many years. Your site is great and I am eager to see any updates. I wanted to ask you about the DNA testing you have had done, I also had some DNA testing done but it was not genealogy specific and I am very interested in finding out what exactly they provide you with as the results.

David J. Rockafellow, son of James P. Rockafellow, grandson of Arthur J. Rockafellow, great grandson of Alexander Stewart, great great grandson of Logan Stewart, great great great grandson of James Stewart, great great great great grandson of William Charlie, great great great great great grandson of Alexander Stewart.


My name is Michelle Martt-Cavanaugh. My sister was looking for some background on our family and ran across this web sight. I thought it was wonderful, and so detailed. You have done an awsome job.

I am the daughter of Michael Martt. He is the son of Elmer Martt. I believe it was my grandfathers mother that was a Stewart. Being my great- great grandmother. Somthing like that. Anyway I seen alot of interesting history, and details.


Michelle Martt Cavanaugh

Hi Louie,

Your website is very good. I am a descendant of Christopher Walker b. 1827and Elizabeth Stewart b. 1827. I really think Elizabeth is the daughter of William Charlie Stewart b. 1800. William was the only Stewart family in Perry county Kentucky where my Walkers lived. Could there be a older daughter that was forgotten?

1830 William Stewart Knox Co., Kentucky 120001-10001
This indicates a daughter born between 1825-1830

1840 William Stewart Perry Co., Kentucky 1222001-101001
This daughter is now 10-15.

Do you think this daughter is my Elizabeth? She was born in 1827 and married around 1845. I have my G Grandfather's , J D Walker, death certificate stating his parents were Christopher Walker and Elizabeth Stewart. They stayed in Perry County, Kentucky and did not move to Rowan county. There son, JD, did move to Rowan County, He owned and operated a store in Hoggtown and was also a reverand. He is mentioned in James E Stewarts Obituary on your web site.



Below is the link for Cousin Louie Stewart's website on the Stewarts.
If you haven't looked at it in a while, it has wonderful new additions.

You may also be interested to know that a new book is about to be published by University of Kentucky Press on Cora Wilson Stewart. As many of you know, I collect her books and papers.

I just purchased through ebay, and am anxiously awaiting, CWS's book written for WWI Soldiers. Hope Hurricane Wilma doesn't interfere with the delivery.

The best to all...


Cora Wilson Stewart (1875-1958) was an elementary school teacher and county school superintendent in eastern Kentucky who, in the fall of 1911, decided to open the classrooms in her district to adult pupils. Convinced that education could eliminate the poverty that plagued the region, she founded the Moonlight School movement, ultimately designed to combat illiteracy. The movement's motto, "Each one teach one," characterized education as the responsibility of every literate citizen.

Stewart's Moonlight Schools caught on quickly, and when the state legislature created the Kentucky Illiteracy Commission in 1914, they were operating throughout Kentucky as well as in other states. Cora Wilson Stewart and Kentucky's Moonlight Schools examines these institutions and analyzes Stewart's role in shaping education at both the state and national level. Yvonne Honeycutt Baldwin offers a discourse on the problem of illiteracy, which, despite the efforts of Stewart and many who followed in her footsteps, continues to afflict the nation.

Yvonne Honeycutt Baldwin is chair of the Department of Geography, Government, and History at Morehead State University.

Alice Matthews, Florida


A lot of interesting info compiled on your site. Born in the foothills of the Daniel Boone National Forest in 1952, with the given name of James Messer, and having many Stewart's as relatives. I noticed one area of the lineage as being William Messer, and he had a son named Mose Messer in 1868. My grandfather's ame was Willie Mose Messer, born in 1888, in about Haldeman. I have many relatives with the name of Caudill,
Holbrook, and Sparks. Therefore, as you can tell, I enjoyed immensely the info that you have provided.

James C. Messer
Norman, Ok.


My name is Andrea Norman Adkins. My mother: Mabel Hoskins Norman; my grandmother Euphemia Belle Locke Hoskins; my great grandmother: Martha Jane Horn; my great great grandmother: Mary Culton; my great great great grandmother: Euphemia Effie Stewart and then her father Alexander Stewart.

My cousin did extensive research and several members of our family are members of the Daughters of the American Revolution through her research and proof of our descendent Alexander Stewart. She shows that Euphemia Stewart was the only child born to Alexander and Catherine Sheets in 1789. Her info also has that Mary Anderson was the mother of Margaret Sally Stewart b. 1777; Charlie Stewart b. 1779; Isaac Stewart b. 1782; Mary Stewart b. 1784; Elizabeth S. Stewart b. 1785; and Anna A. Stewart b. 1786.

I would love to hear from you and finally put to rest the big mystery in our family that we were related to "the royals" in Scotland!!!

I do not know very much regarding how to track down our genealogy but am fascinated by all of this.

Thank you -- your long lost cousin,

Hello, my name is Chris Thacker. Your website has provided so much
information about my paternal's been fascinating. Thanks so much for
putting this together. I would love to be added to your e-mail list.

I am descended from Jasper Bird Stewart and LaVicy Thacker; Henry
Thacker-Stewart was my great great grandfather. I haven't been able to find much at all about Henry or his son, Joe Thacker, but it's interesting to keep trying.

Hope to hear back from you. Thanks again.


Thank-you for listing my gg grandfather on your web page. A.B. Culton died in the Civil War in Somerset, Ky., of pneumonia. He is buried in Mill Springs National Cemetery in Nancy, Kentucky. I attach a photo of his grave stone herewith.

He also served in the Harlan County Battalion before the 49th Infantry which you mention. Here is an excerpt from the daily reports on the Harlan Battalion:

On the 5th of September 1862, in response to petitions from a multitude of the counties, the Kentucky State Legislature authorized "home guard companies of free white male citizens between 16 and 65 years to be organized for home and self-protection."(1) State Guard companies and battalions were soon being raised as well, and we were fortunate to locate the Official Daily Reports of B. F. Blankenship(4), Major, 1st Harlan Battalion of Kentucky State Guards(2) & vouchers from the same unit(3). We present below Major Blankenship's Daily Report (apparently written all at once and dated 1 May 1863) interspersed with a few appropriate voucher references, et al. The Daily Report has been transcribed in its entirety, altered only by the addition of a little punctuation.

".....Ours arms and clothing arrived on the 5th Jan 1863 and all has remained quiet with exception of scouting and capturing some rebel scouts up to Jan 20th when our scouts captured the following named prisoners of Col. Slemp's regiment Rebel Volunteers, James M Adams, Andrew Spangler, Samuel Cornet of Caudills regiment, Robert More(?), James Clarkston, John Clarkston and Nathan Cox, also Isaac J Whitaker & Harry Caudill of Caudills regiment and J Boothe of Zolicoffers old Corps all of whom was exchanged on the 3rd Feb 1863 with exception of H Caudill & J Boothe. We also captured John Campbell of Caudills regiment whom they would not exchange for. On the 13th Jan there was an election ordered for Maj. of this battalion which resulted in the Election of B F Blankenship the present Maj. by a majority of 90 votes over Capt. A B Culton (Culton) who opposed him. Lieut. Jones took 8 men on the 24th Jan 1863 and waylaid a still house in Letcher County whereby he captured Capt. H H Stamper of Col Caudills Regiment CS volunteers who was exchanged for Capt. Hezekiah Webb of the U S forces who was captured by Caudills command. Lieut. Mattingly & Sergt? Polly were flag bearers on our (part) and Maj. Chensworth, Capt. Trimble, Segts ( . . . ) and Caudill on part of the rebels. We a1so captured 2 rebel scouts on the 7th Feb and paroled them on the ninth. Their names were Thomas Clarkston and Elkanah Elkins of Col Slemp's regiment CS Volunteers. The men exchanged for on our part were Samuel Williams, Samuel Blair, Jesse M Brown, Edmond Gross and Capt. H Webb. We also captured J Garrison, a rebel scout belonging to Slemp's CS regiment on the 11th Feb and paroled him on the 12th."

According to the above, Augustus B. Culton was 90 votes short of being made Major over the entire unit, and was beat out by B. F. Blankenship. I believe that Blankenship had an advantage, in that he had been with the first four companies longer than Augustus, as the last three companies were added at a later date, which included Augustus Culton. But, even at that it appears that Augustus was a popular leader among the men.

Additionally, in 1858 A.B. Culton, was the thirty-first sheriff of Knox County, Kentucky.

David England

I have just received some of the wonderful documentation that you have provided. A second cousin of mine was doing some research and located it! I , up until now, have been able to locate very little about my maternal grandmothers
family. Let me explian how I Think I am related. Alexander Stewart / Mary Anderson...My great great great grandparents
Elizabeth Stewart/ Christopher Walker..... My great great grandparents George W. Walker/ Mary emaline Warford... My great grand parents Minnie Walker/ Timber Hill............My grandparents Dixie Hill/ Cecil Ramey.......... My mother and father
Judy Ramey/ Edward Alaniz....Me and my husband

Would love to hear from you and any info you would like to send my way! Thank
you, Judy

Great site. I am doing research on the paternal side of my mother's

I am a descendent of William Y Stewart (b. 1831)
George Washington Stewart (b. 1858)
George Claire Stewart (b. 1893)
Ena Lucille Stewart Uhrig Lakin

I saw the posting in the Mail from Stewart Cousins:
Hi, Love your web site, very nice and interesting. I am looking for a
William Stewart m. Amy? He was born in Kentucky. Moved to Mo. I found
him in the 1850 Census in Moniteau Co. Mo. Children born in Mo. William
Y.(Buck) 1831-which is my line-then John b-1835-Sarah b-1843-Mary
b-1846 Emma b-1848. I do not know if he is from your line of Stewarts,
but thought I would check and see if you would have any info.



Can you put me in touch with this Doris? This is the first time I have
ever seen any information on the siblings of William Y. (Buck)


I was surfing the web and ran into your site by the way of some Rowan County links I was looking at.
I wanted to let you know that the first unidentified school picture (the one with the well box) on your page of photos of unidentified schools just happens to be of the old Clark School. I live in the old school now and grew up here.

My grandfather Elwood Clark bought it when it was closed down and he remodeled it into a house, then my dad, Clay Clark bought it and now I have it after dad bought a farm and built a new house. My dad has a print of the same picture that you have on your web site of the school.

I know a little bit of the history but my dad knows far more than I do about it. You may e-mail me if you are still in need of any info or have any questions.
Gary L. Clark

Mr Stewart:

What a great website! I am a descendant of Augustus Bradley Culton that you mention on your site. I have been trying to locate a photograph of him as he is an enigma in my family. He fathered my great grandfather John Augustus Rice by Elvirena Rice and they were never married. He joined the Harlan County Battalion and later the 49th Kentucky Infantry (just before John A. Rice was born), and died February 2, 1864 in Somerset, KY of Pneumonia in the severe winter of 1864. He is buried in the National Mill Springs, Ky. I have his military records, but would love to know what he looked like.

He and Ambrose served together on the Union side, while their brother served under John Hunt Morgan for the Confederacy as your site states. You may be interested to know that the son of John W. Culton, John Morgan Culton (named after John Hunt Morgan), was the first registered engineer in the state of Kentucky. This came from Charles Culton who submitted the photo of John W. Culton on your site.

Do you know of any photograph that may exist in the Ambrose Culton descendants of my g grandfather Augustus Bradley Culton? Thank you.



Thanks so much for making your Kentucky Stewarts web site! It's great! :) I am descended through the Stewarts through my grandmother. Her mother Maleana or Malean (some say Salina or even Malinda) "Sissy" Stamper is the granddaughter of Dr. Jasper "Bird" or "Byrd" Stewart & Levisa/Lavicy/Vicy Thacker alias Farrell/Ferrell. Sissy's parents are Elizabeth "Liz" or "Lizzy" Thacker-Stewart & George Stamper. Maleana (Sissy) married my grandmother's father Green Combs (son of Martin Van Buren "Boon" "Boone" or "Boom" Combs & "Go", "Gocie", or "Goldie" Moore . . . some say Ellendor/Elleanor/Ellen Moore). Later Maleana married Green's first cousin George Combs (son of Fielding Combs & Synthenia Chaffins). Green & George were grandchildren of Biram Combs Jr. & Hannah Owens. I am writing to you wondering if you'd have a picture of this grandchild of Jasper & Vicy (Maleana/Salina/Malinda "Sissy" Stamper) or/and a pic of her first husband (Green Combs). As I said, they are my grandma's parents and she has no picture of them and she wants one. I THINK I can get you a copy of Maleana's second husband George if you want one. If you have any pics of any of these people (including George . . . I may have one pic, but I like all I can get) but ESPECIALLY any of Maleana or/& Green then please send them my way. Also, I don't mean to be imposing, but I am DESPERATE for one of these pics. A lot of people in my family want a copy of it for themselves and even more so they want a copy for my grandmother. She is 84 and will be 85 this month and she's dying of cancer and I want her to have a pic of her parents because she wants one. So if you know anyone who might have a pic of them or if you have one please let me know. Also, could you PLEASE post at least a little message on your site asking if anyone who had a pic of either Maleana/Salina/Malinda Sissy Stamper or/& Green Combs or knew someone who might have one to please contact you or me. If they contact you can either post the pic or something or email me the pic or whatever. Or you could post my email address which is Thanks very much. It's appreciated beyond words.

Sincerely, Cari

One of Isaac Anderson's & Cassie Rayburn(Ryburn) son's name is Roy Gilbert Stewart who was born 10 March 1890 in Texas. He died 28 Jan 1978 at the Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, Los Angeles, California. He was buried 2 Feb. 1978 at Chapel of the Pines. He was cremated. His wife, Laura Colina Wesbrook my great-grandmother who was born 25 Dec 1897 in Canada, and who did die on 9 Jan 1988 in Maricopa County, Arizona . . . she was also Cremated. They had a daughter her name was Anita Isabell Stewart born 18 May 1917 in Monrovia, California, my Grandmother . . . she died on 8 Jan 1989 in Maricopa County, Arizona and was Cremated. Anita married Leonard Thomas Hall, who was born 8 Sept. 1912 in Whittier, California. My grandfather did die on 21 January 1947 in Los Angeles, California. They had my father Leonard James Hall born 4 Jan 1944 in California, he is still living, My Mother Mildred Darlene Peters born on January 11, 1945 in California, she did die November 28, 1975. I am Jeffery Scott Hall born April 23, 1966 in California, decedent of Isaac Anderson Stewart. Hope this helps . . . and thank you for such a wonderful site to view.


I have been looking for information on Isaac Munson Stewart, born abut 1806 in KY. this information is from the 1850 Montgomery Co. IN census. I also descend from Cultons but don't think it is the Culton married to Stewart. I invite you to view my web site and see if you see a connection.
You have done an outstanding job with your research and site. Easy to maneuver and understand.

Deanna Stewart/Oregon

I am the great granddaughter of James Owen Stewart and Molly Bosson. James and Molly had one child: Veda Evelyn Stewart who in August of 1907 married Hugh Fair Holmes. My father Stewart Douglas Holmes was one of 2 children from the marriage. My brother and I are the offspring.

Hello, I just returned from a trip to Carter and Greenup County, Kentucky. My parents grew up there. I was visiting relatives, including my aunt who was married to Jake Littleton, mother of Jay. While I was there, I was showing an old faded scrapbook of Jake to my son. Since Jake was on my mind, I punched his name into the computer as soon as I came home and came up with your family web site. I am thrilled
to print a picture of Jake for my family scrapbook.

I am 46. Obviously, Jake had already died, and my aunt was remarried by the time I was born, but I do remember her son Jay. He was so tall that he had to duck down to pass under door frames. He would pick me up, flip me upside down, and hold me up to walk on the ceiling. I thought he hung the moon. Unfortunately he died young. His wife still keeps in touch with Jay's mom and visits her often. By the way, Jake died two months after he and my aunt married. If I remember correctly, he was only 24 when he died. My aunt moved back with her parents, gave birth to Jay, and lived with them several years until she remarried. According to her, Jake was 7 ft., 21/2 inches tall, though the newspapers reported that he was 7 ft., 7 inches. That probably included his high heels and turban that he wore as the Enchanter of the Enchanted Island.

I don't know if you want any more information about either Jake or Jay. If so, let me know. I haven't mentioned my aunt's name because she is not in the computer age and might be a bit frightened if someone contacted her "out of the blue." I've enjoyed your web site.

Kathy, Nashville, TN

Mr. Stewart,

I realize the ALSIP line is not your main family that you are researching but I re hope you can help me.

I need to find documentation that proves that James Alsip and Ann/Anna Stewart are the parents of David Alsip who married first Rachel Richardson, then Elizabeth Hall, then Catherine Rogers, and finally Susan Bennett.

Other ALSIP researchers all say that David is their son but no one has any documented sources for this information other than that oral family history. I am looking for a family Bible, will, land deeds, obituaries of siblings, anything that proves this father-son relationship. I need this documentation to apply for DAR membership through Alexander Stewart.

Can you help me in locating the needed documentation?

I appreciate any time or help you can give me. Thank you in advance.

Nancy A. Massey
Indiana Room Assistant
Hamilton East Public Library
One Library Plaza
Noblesville, IN 46060

Your web site on Alexander Stewart is a grand piece of work. I am the grandson of Emma Rose Moyers and Charles B. Gabbard. Emma was the daughter of Lucy Ann Stewart and Owen Ragon Moyers (Spelling per several Owsley County census reports and per two other living descendants). Lucy Ann was the daughter of Isaac Stewart and Elizabeth Wyatt and the granddaughter of Alexander Stewart.

I am really enjoying learning so many details of Alexander's and to a lesser extent Isaac's life.

I have a million questions but will limit myself to two.

Do you have access to a Knox County document that gives Owen's name as Myers? If yes, will you share it with me?

You quote from Elmer Delker in several places. Can you give me the name of the text and/or the name of a library where a copy might be available via anothter library loan? I live in Oak Ridge, TN and would drive to Barbourville to browse their library and courthouse records if the documents are there
and are not otherwise available.

Thanks again for all the pleasure your site has given me.

Jay G


First let me tell you how great a web site you have put together on Alexander Stewart you did a fantastic job WELL DONE. I thought being you had my great-grandfather John William Culton you would
like a picture of him. Top left hand corner is John Morgan Culton my grandfather and John William
is seated with his family standing around him this was taking sometime around 1898 as he died in 1899.
Charles Culton

I love the web site. Thanks, John P. Delk (great, great,great,great grandson of Alexander Stewart)(I think. I may have miscounted)

Hi Louie:

Distant cousin here who just found your web site. Great job so far.

We have corresponded before. I descend from the Knott Co. branch of the descendants of William and Mary Crank Stewart. My sister and I attended the ceremony at the Clearfield Cemetery a few years ago. We are great grandchildren of Dr. Jasper Byrd and Nancy Mullins Stewart through their daughter Martha Ann Stewart who married Marion Stamper.

Thanks for all the work you have done. I will recommend this site to all my relatives who descend from the Stewarts.

J. Stamper

Hey Louis!

I don't know if you'll remember me or not, but I'm one of your Ohio cousins. We used to exchange some email a few years ago. My name is Laura McQuillen and I am the daughter of Winford (Will) Barber and Sandra Poth, Granddaughter of Morgan and Annie Stewart.

Well, my mom and I are going to be coming down in April to research, as I think I'm as far as I can go without visiting the counties. Mom seems to think we should be looking in Lexington at the genealogical society or history center or something that's there. I thought we should go to the counties as a volunteer from I think Rootsweb got me a copy of a marriage cert. from one of the counties. Any suggestions or advice? Also, two of the hotels in Morehead are actually booked for the dates we're coming (4-21 thru 4-24) - do you know of any big events going on at that time? Maybe a genealogy conference or something (too much to hope for I know)? Not sure what is going on or how fast we should be booking rooms.



Hi, Love your web site, very nice and interesting. I am looking for a William Stewart m. Amy? He was born in Kentucky. Moved to Mo. I found him in the 1850 Census in Moniteau Co. Mo. Children born in Mo. William Y.(Buck) 1831-which is my line-then John b-1835-Sarah b-1843-Mary b-1846 Emma b-1848. I do not know if he is from your line of Stewarts, but thought I would check and see if you would have any info.



Thank you so much for a truly wonderful web site! My husband is the grandson of Catherine Stewart, daughter of James S. Stewart and Cynthia Patton. I appreciate all the work and the professionalism of this site.

Thank you
Janice R. S


I was thrilled when I found your web site of the Stewarts in Rowan Co. I have been working on my genealogy for about six years and, although I haven’t always been looking for “my Stewart great-grandfather” I keep going back to look. Most recently I decided to research all of Rowan Co. censuses and had decided that perhaps James Stewart born to James and Cynthia was the one. When searching your site I found him with a wife Allie??? which was so wonderful. Allie was my great-grandmother. I have info on her and some of her family but I could never find out the Stewart connection because no one seemed to know except that his name was James and he died when my grandmother, Lottie Stewart was very young. I see that you don’t have any info on when he died or how on your web site. Do you know when they were married? Or do you have any new info? Although I don’ have any Stewart info, I do have a family photo which is of a large group of people and says on the back Stewart Clan. I would be happy to share any info you may want or send you a copy via computer of the photo. Perhaps you could identify some of them for me. Lottie is in the picture and looks to be in her late teens, early 20s. She is the only person I recognize.

Alice (Allie) Bishop was born to Stephen Bishop and Lucy Luck in Hamilton Co. Ohio on 17 Sep 1864 and died 21 Feb. 1925 in Rowan Co. She killed herself by jumping into a well. As far as I know they had one child, Lottie who was born 10 March 1884.

Actually Allie's sister Hattie married one of Rowan Co.’s most prominent citizens, F. C. Button. I don’t know if you have ever seen the Rowan Co. News centennial edition put out in the 50s or not but you can buy it from the Rowan Co. news. It is just loaded with wonderful old articles dating back in the 1800s including some articles on Stewarts along with pics. It has a wonderful article on a Lee Stewart who was after the moon shiners. It is a very large edition (comes in a box) that I think you may enjoy. There is a wedding announcement of Lottie Stewart married my grandfather Everett L. Dix and lots of others. If you search on Rowan County News Centennial Edition, you can see an index of the articles along with captions. I just searched for all the Stewarts and came up with 14 articles relating to a Stewart.

I hope to hear from you.
Charlene D. T
Fredericksburg, VA


I discovered your web site while searching for a William SALE / SAYLE family. I just want to say this is probably the BEST and most comprehensive web site I've seen to date. I wish I were related to these particular STEWARTs! Thanks for a great site -- very interesting and informative even to a person who is not part of this family.

Becky S
Kerrville, TX


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