Marriage to Catherine Sheets (Other Spellings Schitz, Sheetz)

            In 1793 at the age of thirty-eight, Alexander married Catherine Sheets in Lee County (formerly Russell County), Virginia. With the death of his first wife, Alexander would have needed a mother for his children including his four young daughters. Footnote Seven years after their marriage their only child, William Charlie, was born in Knox County, Kentucky in 1800 after they had moved there. Footnote

            In 1790, Alexander had purchased 395 acres of land in what was then part of Russell County, Virginia, from James Deane of Wythe County, Virginia. The land was on the north side of the Indian Creek in an area known as Powell’s Valley. Two years later in 1792, Alexander signed a petition along with other area settlers resulting in this part of Russell County being formed as Lee County, Virginia. The first deed book of Lee County reflects that Alexander purchased additional property in the Powell Valley area on January 14, 1794. Footnote Catherine Sheets was listed on this deed. Evidently, they were prospering.


Indenture 14 Jan. 1794 (Colonel) Charles and Elleonor & Alexander Steward for 16 pds for 76 acres in Powells Valley.

Charl. Cocke
Ellinder Cocke
14 January 1794

Teste: C. Carter CLC

Lee County Deed Book 1, p. 8


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