Martha Patton’s Family

            Alexander, born February 16, 1826, and Martha Patton were married in 1861 when he was thirty-five and she was eighteen. Alexander, who moved to Rowan County during the Civil War from Knott County with his father, William, owned a large farm on Triplett Creek along the McBrayer Road. Alexander and Martha are listed in the 1870 census for Rowan County. Martha is listed as the daughter of Charles Patton. Children listed as living at home include Nancy, age six, Charles, age four, William age 3, and Mary, age 1.


            Martha Patton, born May 14, 1842, was the first daughter and oldest child of Charles Patton and Nancy Sutton Patton of Floyd County, Kentucky. The following account of the Patton family was taken from the book written by Dr. David Agricola, M.D. of Lakeland, Ohio entitled Descendants of James and Florence [Graham] Patton of Floyd County Kentucky (5th Edition 1998). Citations are to pages of that book.


James Patton was born around 1751 in Augusta County, Virginia and was a son of Henry Patton, Sr. See page 23. Various court records show that James lived in this area well into the 1770's. Around 1773, James married Florence Graham. She was the daughter of David and Jane Walchop Graham and had been born around 1757 in Augusta County, Virginia.

            On September 7, 1777, James and his brother, Thomas Patton, were “sworn to the State in Capt. McCorkle’s Company of Montgomery Co. [militia] by Stephen Trigg.” Id. “He obtained a Commissioner’s certificate for 400 acres of land on Peak Creek which had been settled in 1771.” Id.

            James and his wife, Florence, sold their land on Peak Creek in December of 1796 before moving to Kentucky. Id. Agricola reports that “‘According to tradition, James Patton came to Kentucky to locate their land and build a home. After which he went back to Virginia to get Florence and their children. Of course they had to ride horseback from their home in Virginia. When they arrived at their new home in Kentucky and James told her ‘Well there is it’, she fainted and fell off the horse.’” Id.

            James served as one of the first Clerks of the Floyd County Kentucky Court. He is reported as a “gentleman justice” and was appointed the sheriff of Floyd County in 1809. He subsequently served as a county surveyor. Id. James died intestate around May 19, 1817 and his wife lived alone for a time. She was probably living with her son, John Patton, Sr., by 1830. James Patton was buried at Stephens Branch in Floyd County.

            James and Florence had a son, John Patton, Sr., who was born around 1774 in Montgomery County, Virginia. Id. In 1798, John moved with his parents to Floyd County, Kentucky. John married in 1799 in Floyd County but no one knows the name of his wife. John and his wife had their first child, John Patton, Jr., around 1801. By 1820, they had three boys, and two girls. Page 28. John Patton, Sr. died in the mid-1830's.


Memorial Stone for Charles Patton, Lee Cemetery, Morehead, Kentucky

            John Jr. and his wife had a son around 1822 whom they named Charles. Charles married Nancy Sutton (born about 1825) around 1840 in Perry County, Kentucky (formerly Floyd). The 1840 Census lists Charles and Nancy (Sutton) Patton as living in Floyd County. By 1870, Charles and Nancy Patton were living in Rowan County, Kentucky. Charles and Nancy’s first child was Martha Patton who was born around 1842. The 1870 Census for Rowan County lists the following other children living with Charles and Nancy Patton:


                                  Edward, age 24

                                  Fannie, age 17

                                  Darius, age 13

                                  Jackson, age 11

                                  Alexander, age 7

                                  Cynthia, age 3


For additional information, See Autobiography of Edward Pattorn, brother of Martha Patton.



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